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​Retirement Living

*The membership co-op platform is a trust under your control, which releases the membership funds to your selected resort.

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SunKlub International

resort living

SunKlub International is vacation living for retirement.

Our retirement living service puts you on an all-inclusive resort packed with amenities and activities.

*Our pricing is based on a membership co-op program that allows you to retire in a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom suite of all-inclusive resort living. A financial trust controlled by you, secures your resort suite. The suite ( town or detached homes are also available ) based on the contract term is your home to use as you wish, with *no fees, or *monthly payments.  

*The membership co-op program gives you prepaid retirement living with choice of monthly, seasonal, or yearly stays and the advantage to borrow from your trust for vacation.

*A tropical retirement with travel and all you can eat and drink, is made possible by early price agreement with resorts in the membership program.

*We are happy to answer any questions.

​Email: info@solutionlifestyle.org