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*SunKlub retirement is a home without payments.

Active retirement living or active adult community

 *The term sunklub retirement home without payments, refers to our membership program.

*We are not a travel agency or OSR

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retirement living

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In some circumstances (see below #1 and #2), an individual or business organizing Special Interest Travel may not require registration as a travel agent under the Act if they meet the following conditions:

1. Working in collaboration with an Ontario based TICO registered travel agent to fulfill the travel services, but not acting as a travel agent.

2. Working with an end-supplier who is not registered with TICO (i.e. a hotel, cruise line or an out of province tour operator). The end-supplier is offering a package/tour and has made arrangements to include an Ontario based individual or business in the capacity of a specialist relating to the tour. The following guidelines must be adhered to: a. The package/tour must be organized and run entirely by the end-supplier (such as a hotel or a cruise line) or the out of province tour operator.

​Retirement Living